Gas-Insulated LSIS Switchgear for rated voltages of 110/220 kV

Research and development, integration of sophisticated and innovative technologies and the years of experience of LSIS Co. guarantee you the highest quality of its products. LSIS gas-insulated switchgear secures the superb performance, maximized convenience in control and high operating and maintenance reliability and economy. Featuring modular design as well, LSIS GIS switchgear is capable of meeting the requirements of the most demanding customer.

Parameter Value
Rated voltage kV 110 220
Maximum operating voltage kV 145 245
Rated frequency Hz 50
Rated normal current of feeders A Up to 3150
Rated short-circuit breaking current кА/с 40/3 50/3
Number of phases in the switchgear vessel 3 1
Ambient temperature -25°С .. +40°С
Rated operating sequence О-0.3sec-CO-3min-CO
Operating mechanism Motor spring

Product Design

  • Design3-pole circuit-breaker, the central element of the switchgear, is integrated into one module with the current transformers. Current transformers can be mounted both ways. Three phase surge protection, operating simulteneously. The spring or hydraulic actuators of the contact operating mechanism are arranged across each other in the lower part of the circuit-breaker for better manual control and maintenance
  • maintenanceThree-position disconnector combines the functions of disconnecting and earthing in one device, strip or finger-type contacts applied. Only permissible operations possible due to logical mechanical interlocks (the mechanical interlock between the disconnector and the earthing switch being a simple means to exclude the disadvantages of the energy direction with opening force effect as the operating lever cannot be removed before the definite end position of the disconnecting or earthing function is reached). The disconnector poles are incorporated into one metal framework and have a shared electric drive. Whenever necessary, manual operation is possible as well
  • wellHigh-speed operating shaft of the earthing switch features a spring stored energy mechanism, which, at the moment of switchover, safely and at great speed interlocks the system.

Customer benefit features

Compact Design

Original and optimal design of the electrical and mechanical parts makes the LSIS switchgear an integrated, hermetically sealed three-phase system, efficiently combining the circuit-breakers with transformers and disconnectors with grounding switches. LSIS switchgear is one of the more compact devices of its kind, ideally suited for use particularly in dense areas in public and industrial energy systems. It is fully compatible with other manufacturers’ equipment, thus allowing reliable and cost-effective solutions for the small-scale substations.

High Reliability

Since main parts of switchgear are sealed with SF6 Gas, it’s free from environmental pollution and climatic change and there’s no care about dielectric deterioration by long time operation, which distinguishes it from the air-insulating switchgear. Factory test certified for high stability and reliability of work during the service lifespan. The diffusion of accident will be prevented by Gas Section in the case of internal accident. The flanges at all module joints are equipped with high pressure O-ring seals to ensure high gastightness.

Service Life and Maintenance

At all stages of manufacture, from design to output, LSIS switchgear is subject to rigid control and factory tests, which steadily certify its superb technical data and high quality. Which in turn ensures long service lifespan (at least 25 years) and low maintenance costs.

Quick Delivery, Easy Installation

Compact and modular design allows the shipping of 2 or 3 cells in just one cargo container, thus making the delivery and installation time-saving and cost-effective. Flanges allow the installation or extension of the switchgear without power interruption for adjacent modules.