Design of Energy Facilities

The Company is engaged in designing, renovation, re-equipment and upgrading of:

  • Substations for rated voltages of 10(6) – 220 kV
  • Switchgear for power plants
  • Electrical components for specialized technological equipment
  • Power system protection relays and automation systems
  • Secondary switching systems
  • Communication systems
  • Backup power systems.

We also perform the architectural and construction design.

Our Business Principles and Guidelines

  • GuidelinesThe Company commences its work irrespective of the design development phase you’re at; we can equally well start right from the feasibility study or tackle your problem at the “engineering documentation” stage
  • stageSupposing that you have already been collaborating with some developer or design bureau, we can provide you with a complete pack of canned solutions ranging from the architectural and construction plans to the secondary switching charts
  • chartsThe Company offers its customers state-of-the-art technologies; however, taking into consideration the client’s expectations and suggestions as regards the economic/financial dimensions of the project
  • projectIn our line of work we strive to consider the possible requirements and suggestions of the future operating organization as well
  • wellAll the design documentation is developed in strict accordance with the requirements of the Government resolution №87 of 16.02.2008 “Regulations for design documentation sections composition (structure) and requirements”.