Construction and installation

Company performs a complete scope of work in the field of construction and renovation for the power facilities for the rated voltages of 0.4 – 220 kV. Our technical basis along with the wealth of experience allow us to fulfill the construction, electric mounting and comissioning works under any conditions and, if required, completely regardless of the adequate infrastructure. Company specialists have a good track record in bringing quite a number of important objects on line. They possess appropriate and vast experience concerning building and construction management both in remote mountainous terrain and in the Far North and are capable of effectively tackling the issues of schedule, logistics support, and delivery of the necessary equipment, relevant components and building materials.

Our guidelines

  • Turn-key installation. A complete package of works from process design to high voltage testing
  • QC at any stage
  • Phased handover of the maintenance documentation
  • Handover for comissioning to the supervising bodies
  • Training of the operational personnel.