Gas-Insulated Switchgear TGOOD for rated voltage of 110 kV

TGOOD HV GIS utilizes maintenance-free SF6 gas-insulated breakers for an extremely compact and versatile switchgear solution for challenging, space-constrained projects. The switching device, instrument transformers and surge protection are accomodated in SF6 insulated and earthed metal housing. TGOOD integrated, modular GIS eliminates much of the expense, complexity and cost associated with traditional GIS systems. The switchgear secures the superb performance, maximized convenience in control and high operating and maintenance reliability. TGOOD GIS modules are used in a variety of substation solutions.

Parameter Value
Rated voltage kV 110
Maximum operating voltage kV 145
Rated rrequency Hz 50
Rated normal current of feeders A Up to 4000
Rated short-circuit breaking current кА/с 40/3
Number of phases in the switchgear vessel 3
Ambient temperature -30°С .. +40°С
Rated operating sequence О-0.3sec-CO-3min-CO
Operating mechanism Motor spring

Product Design

  • DesignThe circuit breaker module is equipped with the stored-energy spring mechanism. Two separate current-carrying contact paths for each current interrupting unit; main contacts disconnect first and connect last to minimize arcing damage. During a short circuit, arc-generated thermal pressure assists the spring operating mechanism to quickly pull contacts apart. Arc-quenching design provides exceptional durability by minimizing mechanical stresses on circuit breaker components
  • componentsSingle three-position switching module incorporates both isolation and earthing functions. Position indicators allow visual inspection of switch position
  • positionMaintenance-free electric motor spring mechanism delivers fast and reliable operation. Arc-resistant contacts enable use in transmission line grounding applications
  • applicationsCurrent transformers and potential transformers provide key measurement and system protection functions. Three-phase CT and PT modules can be positioned at any point within the GIS system.

Customer Benefit Features

  • FeaturesHigh performance alternative to air insulated systems
  • systemsBest-in-class lead times measured in weeks, not months
  • monthsImmune to harsh environmental conditions
  • conditionsSealed GIS is safe to touch and inherently arc-resistant
  • resistantCompact factory-pressurized modules save space and reduce cost compared to traditional GIS
  • GISMay be pre-assembled within a prefabricated E-House or mobile trailer-mounted substation.

Modular Design

Compact design ideal for space constrained projects in crowded cities and congested industrial zones. Standard configurable modules allow reduced lead times for any customer arrangement. Fully assembled, pressurized and tested in the factory, modules can be energized within 24 hours of delivery.

Safe, Reliable, and Low-Maintenance

Outstanding performance in harsh environments, including high altitude, heavily polluted, coastal, desert and arctic sites. Low audible noise and electric field emissions make this product attractive for densely populated areas. Grounded tank design is safe to touch, no exposed voltage. Completely arc-resistant. Modules connected with gas-tight flanges, delivering decades of reliable operation.

Smooth Operation

Modules individually configured and tested within an ISO 9001 factory environment. Corrosion-free aluminum housings ensure safe encapsulation of factory-filled SF6 gas. Simple gas filling requires top-up with SF6 bottles only; no complex gas processing equipment required. Compact modules require no special shipping considerations.