Gas-insulated Switchgear KORUS type for rated voltages of 20/10(6) kV up to 1250 A

Gas-insulated switchgear KORUS type is factory-assembled, metal-enclosed, SF6-insulated switchgear for rated voltages of 20/10(6) kV up to 1250 A. Hermetically sealed for service life switchgear vessel, enclosing vacuum circuit-breaker and three-position disconnectors and earthing switches. GIS KORUS type is type-tested, cerified in Russian Federation and used in transformer and switching substations of public and industrial energy systems.

Basic Technical Data

Parameter Value
Rated voltage kV 10
Maximum operating voltage kV 12
Rated frequency Hz 50
Rated normal current of feeders A 630; 1250
Rated normal current of busbar A 1250
Rated short-time withstand current for the disconnector panel кА up to 25
Dielectric strength according to GOST 1516.1-76 Standard, class “B”
Climate influences and service location Temperate climate, indoor installation, natural ventilation
Maintenance Metal-enclosed switchgear, Single-end service
Degree of protection for switchgear enclosure according to GOST 14254-96: During operation, compartments closed Relay bays open At least IP3X
Withdrawable parts Fixed circuit breaker
Compartment doors in the withdrawable parts No withdrawable parts
High-voltage parts of the primary circuit connection type Cable, busbar
Process control Locally by control board, remote terminal unit possible
Rated voltage for the auxiliary and control circuits kV DC / AC 110 / 220
Dimensions in mm:
Panel width
Panel height
Panel depth


Customer benefit features

  • Safe-to-touch, any contact with live parts by accident ruled out
  • Maintenance-free during the expected service life of 35 years, reduced operating costs
  • Reliable and easy to operate and maintain due to the ergonomic design
  • Minimized space requirements due to compact panel design
  • Insensitive to certain aggressive ambient conditions, such as dust, pollution, air humidity (up to 98%) and condensation
  • Installation, operation, extension and replacement without SF6 gas work.